New Website

This section of my website Is devoted to anything new going on with my clients, with my website, with my business, even my life.   I will from time to time post about recent sessions, trips I've taken, or maybe even pictures of my updated kitchen renovations ( remember the DIY obsession?).  I also hope to be make a big announcement soon right here in this section!  (Cross those fingers for me everyone)

I don't want my website to be a one time place you come to see pricing.  I want it to be a place you want to come back to, I wold love interaction, I want this to be a happy place where friendships grow.   So, if you have suggestions of topics or comments of any positive nature, post them.

As you can see, the newest thing happening on the business side for me is this website overhaul.  Tell me what you think?  It's quite a change from the old site, hopefully more user friendly and it's been a lot of work getting it up and going.  I'd love to know what you think, let me know, has it been worth it?