Summer Time = Busy Time

Each year I have these plans for summer.  They include getting my house better organized, getting any landscaping done, and getting art projects finished up.  For some reason I think I will accomplish those "extras" while fitting in "summer school", basketball camps, summer vacation and Family Reunions.  It never works out.  So this year, I added a new project to the list, why not right?  I leased a building to house a photography studio and art gallery.  I'm overly excited about it but the progress is moving rather slow.  Once its completed it will be a great place to showcase local artist and a way to keep my clients out of this miserably 112 degree heat!  While I may appear to be hit an miss with these updates, please know that I am working my tail off to get this place up and running and hopefully with school starting soon, I will have more time to get it in tip top shape.  So, please hang in there and check back for a grand opening date to be announced.  YAY!!!!!