Hurricane High School 2018 Prom.

Ok so I know its a sign that you are getting up there in age when you say things like this but, It seems like just yesterday that I was this age!  I remember how fun it was to get invited to a dance, not even because of the dance but because of the friends and the activities we would be doing.   This last weekend was Hurricane High Schools Prom ( and after looking at facebook and instagram over the weekend, clearly many around the country were doing the same thing).  I had the opportunity to photograph two different groups in two different locations.   

My first group had two cute couples, who brought their awesome masquerade masks to their shoot ( that was the theme this year).  We ended up at a very green park and they were the only couples there so it was perfect!.   Take a look at those masks though, seriously AWESOME!

My second group couldn't have been more fun, there was so much personality going on here it was had not to be laughing the entire session!  There were 3 adorable couples that you could just tell had had an amazing day together.  They shared with me that they had gone to shoot paint-balls, and the girls had the welts to prove it!  They were all smiles and laughter.


In the comments tell me what you favorite Prom Memories are?  I love to hear and connect with my clients and readers.