Senior Portrait, Golden Hour, and Spring. The Total Package

Last week I was asked if I could squeeze in another Senior session.  Of course!  I really do love Senior Portraits so much that if there is any way I can make it happen, I will.  Savannah is beautiful so that wasn't going to be an issue.  One concern some of my Senior clients have, and rightfully so, is that many senior portraits that are taken around here look very similar.  Every senior wants to have something special they can call their own though.  After talking about options for the perfect location we decided on a place I don't use much and actually had not been to since the fall of last year.   To be 100% honest, I was nervous.  As much as I love new places, I love the comfort of the known, tried and true places that I use on a regular basis.  

We arrived at the location and sweet Savannah had not been there so that was nice, it was all new and fresh and not exactly like everyone else graduating from her High School.  We took a few steps, rounded a corner and the light was PERFECT!  Right away we started shooting and I could tell that all my worries were for nothing.  This session was just about perfect from the location, the light, the girl, the amount of people that were ( not ) walking around.  The only thing that was a bit of an inconvenience were the pesky little bugs flying around everywhere.  

Here are a few of my favorites from her session although, I wont lie there were over 100 images from her session that I fell in love with so I am using the word "favorite" loosely since it was so hard to narrow it down. ( make sure to scroll through the images below)