Beautiful Birth Story, and Newborn Session so Sweet

New to my line up of services are Birth Stories and Newborn Sessions.  I wont lie, these two genres are a bit stressful.  They are so much like a wedding.  From being on call so that you can make sure you are there at the birth, to creating a relaxing environment for mom and baby during the newborn session, it's a lot of work!  However, it's so rewarding and such a once in a life time moment that needs to be captured.  I remember bits and pieces of each of the births of my children.  However, there is a lot I don't remember.  There is so much going on while you are in labor, and often some medication involved, it's hard to try to make a mental note of it all.  I love that I can do that for my clients so that they an focus on what is important, getting that baby here happy and healthy.   

Then there is the smell of a newborn baby, who doesn't want that job of capturing little fingers and toes while they are so tiny?  I absolutely loved working with this Rowan Family.  From the Maternity session, and Birth, and then the Newborn Session.  Each one was dreamy in it's own right and I love that I was a part of it.