Landscape and Wildlife

I recently added a gallery of some of my Landscape and Wildlife images to my website here. Honestly, from a business perspective, I know it is a bad idea to mix the two. They are obviously very different clientele that they will appeal to. However, they are both a huge part of me and of why I do what I do so I decided, I was going to merge even if it doesn’t make sense on paper.

Do you ever get tired of being told that you have to color inside the lines to be doing it right? I just get exhausted listening to all the rules about how to be successful and so I give up. I’m going to do it the way that i want to do it which is basically how I’ve been throughout my photography journey with how I shoot, where I shoot, why I shoot, and now what I shoot and who I show. There are so many really helpful tips out there for people trying to make it in this crazy Photographers world, and I in no way am trying to say they are wrong or that they arent helpful but right now, they arent for me ( at least this one that says keep your different genres separate or only stick to one thing).

I first seriously picked up a camera to capture my kids but I have always taken snapshots of the places we have traveled and have really loved any chance I get to capture wildlife. Next to getting those memories of my family, is my love for getting the memories of our trips and of the beautiful places we have been blessed to see.

I sometimes feel like there is so much negative energy in the world mostly promoted via the media. I wanted to capture the other side, the side we dont hear as much about. I wanted to be the one that looks and finds the beautiful things of the world of at least the beauty amidst the ugly. Anyway, I hope that you can accept my going against the grain and adding this new element to my page. If you ever are interested in seeing more of my landscape work feel free to check out my other galleries found at where you are able to purchase prints and wall art.

untitled shoot-108.jpg