WPPI 2019

Each year there are multiple photography conventions across the country. I have huge goals to hit them all but as of yet, I have only attended WPPI. Its a huge conference held in Las Vegas where I can be re-inspired, network, and learn TONS. During the week not only do I get to hang out with dear friends, listen to successful artists talk about their journey and give tips but also i get to take a lot of pictures. I was luck enough to tag along on a maternity session with several other amazing photographers and capture a beautiful mom to be in her final stages of pregnancy.

Are there things in your life that you just absolutely love, maybe things that other people can’t quite understand? This week in Vegas is totally that for me. I totally nerd out at all the cool gadgets and gear at the expo ( which has everything photo related a person could want). I love all the speakers and keep notes like a 14 year old nervous about missing any tiny bit of information. But most of all, I totally am in awe during their print competition and live judging. I can sit for hours and watch them score and talk about these amazing photographs. I learn so much in those 2 days that it carries me right through the year until i can do it all over again.