Senior Season Once Again

Have I mentioned how much I love getting to work with Seniors? What? About a millions times you say? Well here I go again. I LOVE SENIORS! All seniors are fun but senior guys are amazing to work with! A couple of weeks ago I got to take pictures for my last Senior Rep. He has been great and while our schedules didnt allow us to get together as much as I would have liked, the time we did spend together was so much fun. I loved getting to know him better. It was extra fun for me because I’m at that super fun age where kids I went to high school with, have seniors graduating now. I happened to go to school with this seniors dad and it was fun to see some of the ways the saying “like father, like son” applied but also how different they are.

Tanner is a smart, hard working, funny guy. He has his head on straight and knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. He understands responsibility and dedication and takes the lead when others wont. I can hardly wait to see where life takes him, or should I say, where he takes life.

Here are some of my favorites from his session. He couldn’t have been easier to work with. Congratulations Tanner and best of Luck in your next adventure!